Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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American Vacuum is a leading manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners and heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners for production lines, material handling, warehouses, and other dust intensive factory areas. Our industrial vacuum cleaners are custom designed and built for tough applications in heavy duty industries that demand sturdy, reliable, high performing equipment. In addition to a complete line of heavy-duty industrial vacuums, we offer custom designed and installed central vacuum systems. System elements including pre-separators, tubing, vacuum hoses and attachment accessories are available to fit any industrial vaccuum system. Our industrial-grade vacuums range from single-operator use to multi-operator entire plant clean-up. With the proper industrial vacuum cleaner, on-site dust and material hazards will disappear, providing the safest and cleanest possible work environment for you and your employees. Explosive dust, toxic powders, bulk materials and liquids all need special provisions for safe, effective vacuum collection and disposal. Some of our industrial vacuums can be combined with muti-stage centrifugals and positive displacement pumps to create an extremely powerful cleaning system. From fine powders up to your heaviest material, let American Vacuum create an in-plant clean air solution customized specifically for your application.

Our Complete Line of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

  • Industrial Central Vacuum System Exterior Location
    American Vacuum offers a complete line of industrial central vacuum systems. Our industrial grade central vacuums range from single operator use to entire multi-operator entire plant clean-up. All vacuum systems are custom designed to meet your specific needs. American Vacuum will help you select, design, and install the proper central vacuum system.
  • Industrial Stationary Vacuum
    Our Stationary Vacuums range from 1 HP units through 30 HP Variants and are designed for continuous 24-Hour per-day operation. Our stationary vacuums are designed to meet your custom applications & needs. We offer different types of systems including regenerative blowers, PD pumps as well as centrifugal blowers. Let our expertise and knowledge help you select the correct system.
  • Portable Industrial Vacuum
    Our Portable Industrial Vacuum line offers dependable vacuums in a portable fashion. With these vacuums ranging from 1 HP all the way through 30 HP, we have a solution that meets your portable cleaning needs. With these vacuums designed to run 24/7, these systems can handle the most difficult of cleaning jobs. From hose-keeping to chip collection, the Arco Wand brand has been a industry leader for over 100 years.
  • Our line of Powerlift Bulk Material Vacuum Systems. Units come standard with removable storage hoppers with up to 40 Cu.Ft. of storage capacity. Up to 16" HG" of continuous vacuum. Need to move mountains of material; this is the unit. Ideal for bulk conveying over long distances. Let our Powerlift vacuums help clean your facility in a matter of no time.
  • Air Operated Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner
    Pneumatic vacuums offer up to five times the performance of conventional shop vacs. Pneumatic Air Vacs operate without electricity and have no moving parts. These industrial, compressed air powered vacuums are ideal for recovering large amounts of dangerous material in hazardous locations. Air Operated Vacuums range from 18 to 55 gallon. All come standard with grounded hose and cleaning tools.
  • Flux Recovery System
    Since the very beginning of submerged arc welding, Arco Wand Flux Recovery Systems have proven themselves as the most valuable, in fact almost essential accessory to the entire sub-arc process. The key word is economy. They save valuable flux, help make better welds and produce all-important saving in man hours. Flux recovery units not only make for a neater shop and better working conditions but they also keep abrasive flux away from moving parts on the welding rig. Finally Flux Recovery Systems are capable of separating out slag (fused flux) and fines (flux flower) returning only the clean reusable flux to the hopper.
  • Photo Of NFPA And OSHA Compliant
    American Vacuum offers several different options to meet environmental regulations including NFPA & OSHA Compliant industrial vacuums and vacuum tools. Contact us today!