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Power Plants

Thermal Coal-Fired Power Plants provide 1/3 of our nation’s energy mix and can be found all around the world. The process of pulverizing coal into the fine powder in which it is burned is a messy process and can create a significant amount of dust.

Coal dust in large quantities can be very explosive and needs to be handled with care. Areas where raw coal or coal dust are being transported or transferred, such as conveyor belts can lead to large dust clouds that settle over all types of surfaces.

The process of using compressed air as a “blow down” procedure can be extremely dangerous as it kicks up large dust plumes that can ignite with any small ignition source.

Vacuum systems do provide a safe and reliable way to keep a facility safe and within NFPA compliance. Class II Div 2 rated vacuum systems are required when handing coal dust. This includes compressed air, electric explosion-proof, and central vacuum systems. American Vacuum has worked and provided services with many large-scale utilities over the years to help keep their facilities safe and clean.

Facilities Served

  • Thermal Generating Power Plant Stations
  • Coal Export/ Import Terminals
  • Coal Rail Load facilities
  • Coking Plants for Steel Industry
Case Studies

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