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Powder Coating Vacuum System

The process of powder coating has many advantages in terms of finishing a product, however, one issue that comes with powder coating is the recovery of spent powder. From largely automated booths to small spray stations, they all have paint powder that needs to be recovered. Conventional vacuum systems such as shop vacs are not suitable for paint powder collection and pose a potential fire hazard. Paint Powder is considered a static hazard and in certain situations is combustible therefore selecting the proper paint powder vacuum system is very important. NFPA 652 addresses the hazards of airborne powder coating and the need to minimize the accumulation of dust on any surface. American Vacuum has provided services and sold hundreds of units into the paint powder industry over the years. These units range from our 18-gallon air operated vacuum systems up to multi-operator central systems that are located throughout the paint booth and collect back into a centralized receiver. We have also equipped many of the facilities that manufacture the paint powder itself with large central vacuum systems.

Types of Powder we have collected

  • Paint Powder
  • Metallic Powder
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