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Foundries and Mines

The processing and handling of raw materials can be a dirty and time-consuming process. From underground mines to sand casting foundries, American Vacuum has systems working in some of the toughest conditions imaginable.

One of the main challenges for vacuum systems in these industries is abrasive material and what it can do to equipment. American Vacuum has a proven track record in providing servicesdesigning and installing a system that will last.

With options like Sched 40 pipe or ceramic lined elbows, American Vacuum can build systems for just about all types of material. Vacuum systems, equipped with HEPA filters, are also a great way to come in compliance with the new EPA Crystalline Silica rules that take effect June of 2018.

For most facilities that handle sand, such as foundries and fracking operations, vacuum systems are going to become a critical piece of equipment to keep a facility safe and in compliance. Our systems can be equipped to handle several tons of material an hour and can centrally collect and dump the material into a container of your choosing.

Industries Served

  • Coal Mines
  • Gold Mines
  • Limestone
  • Aluminum Foundries
  • Cast Iron Foundries
  • Stainless Steel Foundries
  • Fracking Sand
Case Studies

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American Vacuum has been manufacturing Industrial Vacuums including portable, stationary, and central vacuum cleaning systems since 1910. We have installed over 500,000 Industrial Vacuum Systems across the United States and pride ourselves on being a family owned business. Please take a look at some of the case studies below to learn a little more about how American Vacuum is an industry leader and constantly pushing the industrial vacuum industry forward.