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Intrinsically Safe Air Operated Vacuum Cleaner

Arco Wand Air Operated Vacuums are intrinsically safe vacuums that are ideal for use in hazardous areas. Intrinsically safe vacuum cleaners operate without electricity and have no moving parts. Units come standard with a grounded PTFE filter bag and ground chain off the wheel carrier. These are high performance and are rated for continuous operation. 18 & 55 gallon sizes available. All intrinsically safe vacuums offered by American Vacuum are equipped with a grounded hose and vacuum cleaning tools, and are NFPA & OSHA Certified. Our industrial vacuums can collect a variety of materials. Click here to view a full list of the material types that we can move.


  • Units for Class II Div II Environments
  • Quiet Operation - Under 80 DBA
  • Hig Vacuum Levels
  • Complete assortment of Grounded Hose & Vacuum Tools
  • High - Temp Filter System available
  • Wet separators for high volume recovery needs
  • HEPA Filtration available
  • Standard Filtration to 1 micron @ 99% Efficiency


Case Studies

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American Vacuum has been manufacturing Industrial Vacuums including portable, stationary, and central vacuum cleaning systems since 1910. We have installed over 500,000 Industrial Vacuum Systems across the United States and pride ourselves on being a family owned business. Please take a look at some of the case studies below to learn a little more about how American Vacuum is an industry leader and constantly pushing the industrial vacuum industry forward.