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NFPA Rated Vacuum Systems

American Vacuum offers industrial vacuum cleaners to meet various environmental and workplace hazard regulations. These regulations include NFPA and OSHA compliant vacuum systems for combustible dust and other hazardous materials. Our NFPA rated vacuum systems are compliant with NFPA 652 and 654 standards to prevent any potential dangers when handling dangerous substances.  

What Does NFPA Compliant Mean?

NFPA 652 and 654 requires that facilities that process and handle combustible particles, use vacuum systems meeting specific design requirements, provided by the NFPA organization. Industries that typically handle these types of materials are related to:

  • Chemical
  • Wood Processing
  • Metals
  • Agricultural
  • Manufacturing

American Vacuum's long line of experience and expertise in the field of handling hazardous material, such as combustible dust, will ensure that you select the appropriate system for your application. All systems are designed and built to meet the various requirements of NFPA 652 and NFPA 654 to create a safe work environment.

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Our industrial vacuums can collect a variety of materials. Click here to view a full list of the material types that we can move.


Case Studies

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American Vacuum has been manufacturing Industrial Vacuums including portable, stationary, and central vacuum cleaning systems since 1910. We have installed over 500,000 Industrial Vacuum Systems across the United States and pride ourselves on being a family owned business. Please take a look at some of the case studies below to learn a little more about how American Vacuum is an industry leader and constantly pushing the industrial vacuum industry forward.