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Multi-Operator Central Vacuum System

Multi-Operator Vacuum systems offer you a vacuum system with the same performance regardless of the number of operators on the system. American Vacuum has extensive experience in designing and building vacuum systems tailored to your specific application. 

Multi-Operator Central Vacuum

From vacuum producer selection to proper vacuum system sizing, American Vacuum can assist with just about any request. Our vacuum systems are designed to offer consistent airflow and suction throughout the vacuum system. To the operator, this means performance doesn't change as the number of operators changes.

Central Vacuum systems are designed with filtration as a focal point. American Vacuum offers dozens of configurations for our baghouses. We offer both filter bag and filter cartridge type systems. American Vacuum does not “pre-build” any of our central vacuum system equipment, which ensures that every specific component we recommend is the right fit for the job. With our modular vacuum packages and vacuum baghouses, we can offer both customized systems while maintaining common parts throughout our product line.

Unlike most of our competitors, American Vacuum offers 3 different types of vacuum producers. By offering Cast Centrifugal blowers, Positive Displacement Blowers, and Regenerative Blowers, American Vacuum offers the most versatile line-up in the industry. By having all 3 options readily available, American Vacuum selects a vacuum blower based on the specific application, not on what we have on the production floor. At American Vacuum, we feel this is not a one size fits all industry, and offering different options is paramount to successful projects.

 Finally, the true secret to a successful multi-operator vacuum system is the tube system design. Tubing sizing is a critically important step in designing a multi-operator central vacuum system. With over 100 years of experience, American Vacuum knows all the ins and outs of designing a tube system. From providing calculations to complete 3D CAD installation guides, American Vacuum offers complete turn-key design for vacuum tube systems. By properly designing your vacuum tube system, you can assure that you will have continuous and consistent suction across the vacuum system.



Keep production moving in your plant with continuous suction through a configured piping network, which makes it easy to collect material where and when you need it. Multi-operator vacuums provide consistent performance even as you add more operators.

With Filtration systems designed to never clog up with materials. This provides a cleaning solution throughout your plant that is practical and both keeps repair costs and downtime at a minimum.

  • Intended to have many operators working at once.
  • Modular components provide design flexibility for reduced installation costs.
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American Vacuum has been manufacturing Industrial Vacuums including portable, stationary, and central vacuum cleaning systems since 1910. We have installed over 500,000 Industrial Vacuum Systems across the United States and pride ourselves on being a family owned business. Please take a look at some of the case studies below to learn a little more about how American Vacuum is an industry leader and constantly pushing the industrial vacuum industry forward.