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4J55 - 55 Gallon Vacuum

Our Model 4J55-55 Gallon dual & quad venturi wet/dry pneumatic vacuum cleaners are the ideal units for your toughest vacuum applications. With no moving parts and powered by compressed air, you can run the 4J55 Gallon Vacuum machine continuously. External filtration means wet/dry simultaneous pick-up! No bags to remove! Utilize 1.5", 2" or 3" Hose & Tools on this specific air operated vacuum.


  • 27 Sq.Ft. of Filter area- 4 times the norm!
  • Patented Venturi means incredible efficiency
  • 55 Gallon Painted Steel Tank
  • Easy to remove & clean filters
  • Liquid shut-off modules standard
  • Cast Iron "Jumbo Cover"
  • Unit shipped with 3 different air jet sizes
  • PSI Gauge standard on all units
  • Complete assortment of 1.5", 2" or 3" Hose & Tools


Model 4J55
Tank Size 55 gallon
Suction CFM 275 CFM
Static Lift H20/ Hg 180" H20/ 13" HG
Input PSI 100PSI
Input CFM 180 CFM
Wet / Dry Recover Yes
Tank Materia Painted Steel
Weight 275lbs.


  • 55 Gallon drum transfer lids for additional capacity
  • Special drain valve arrangements
  • Chips baskets available for separation of chips and coolants
  • Tube & fitting available for hard pipe central systems
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