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American Vacuum offers several pneumatic vacuum systems also known as air-operated vacuum cleaners. Pneumatic vacuum systems are used in place of conventional vacuum systems where 3 phase power might not be an option or where hazardous materials might be found.

How do Air Powered Vacuums Work?

Air operated vacuum cleaners are powered by compressed air. Typically, this compressed air comes from a facility's house air. We take this air and send it through a venturi system. This process is where we generate our vacuum. We offer single venturi, dual venturi, and quad venturi air-operated vacuum systems. Pneumatic vacuum systms also work great with large portable air compressors and can even be used on different industries or equipment such as scissor lifts. All you need to do is simply hook the vacuum up to a dedicated airline and you are in business!

What are the Advantages of Pneumatic Vacuum Systems?

Pneumatic vacuum systems have several advantages when compared to conventional vacuum systems. Since they are powered by compressed air, pneumatic vacuums do not have any moving parts. The vacuum is generated via a venturi system. Because of this, pneumatic vacuum systems are a great option for hazardous materials, including combustible materials. They are quiet, light weight and easy to use. Air operated vacuum cleaners can come equipped with a HEPA Filter.

What Industries can Pneumatic Vacuums Serve? 

Pneumatic vacuum systems can be used in just about any industry. They can be used for either dry or wet pick-up and can be mounted on an 18 gallon or 55-gallon drum. Air operated vacuum cleaners are most commonly used in industries that have hazardous materials such as combustible dust.

Examples of industries where pneumatic vacuums are sold:

  • Paint Powder
  • Grain
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Wood Processing
  • Assembly Plants
  • Plastics
  • Concrete and Silica Dust
  • Clean Rooms
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