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Used Car Processing Facility Case Study

Manufacturing Challenge

American Vacuum was invited to bid on a central vacuuming system for a major used car sales company to replace the existing, inadequate vacuuming system used in its processing facilities throughout the U.S. These facilities prepare used cars for sale – cleaning, repairing and performing any required body work to get the cars ready.

The vacuum system needed to:

Custom Central Vacuum Solution

American Vacuum designed a custom central vacuum system with the capability to deep clean the cars and keep the environment within the facility free of dust generated during repairs and bodywork. 

We provided turnkey demolition and installation services and have installed the system in over 20 facilities in the U.S. Training was provided to staff to ensure optimal operations.

Installation of American Vacuum’s equipment allowed for increased production due to the reduction of time required for cleaning – the vacuum system cleans the cars better, reducing the time needed for cleaning and the need to repeated cleaning. In addition, the safety and cleanliness of the facilities have improved due to improved dust control for the sanders.

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