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Quartz Counter-Top Manufacturer Case Study

Central Vacuum System

quartz manufacturerAmerican Vacuum was awarded a contract for the 1st and 2nd of 4 central vacuum systems at a quartz countertop manufacturer. This brand new facility was looking for industrial central vacuum systems to integrate into their production area to help keep their facility and equipment clean and operating 24/7. The vacuum needed to handle both general housekeeping as well as “blow-out” spills that occurred on the production line. With a specially designed tube system to handle silica dust, we were successful in centrally collecting and discharging the material into the customer’s super sacs. By offering them a turn-key and easy to use industrial vacuum system, they are able to clean their production area in minimal time and help prepare the facility for a batch turnover. The vacuum system covered several different areas including the ground level, the top of storage tanks, mixing rooms & conveyors.

After the successful start-ups of systems 1 and 2, the customer has moved forward with procuring two additional industrial vacuum systems for other areas of the plant. With a proven system that they will be able to use for years to come, we look forward to serving them wherever they need American Vacuum.

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