Submerged Arc Flux Recovery System

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Since the very beginning of submerged arc welding, Arco Wand Sub Flux Recovery Systems, also known as flux recycling systems, have proven themselves as the most valuable, in fact almost essential accessory to the entire sub-arc process. When it comes to Flux Recovery Systems, The key word is economy. They save valuable flux, help make better welds and produce all-important saving in man hours. Our arc flux recovery equipment not only makes for a neater shop and better-working conditions but they also keep abrasive flux away from moving parts on the welding rig. Finally, our arc flux recovery systems are capable of separating out slag (fused flux) and fines (flux flower) returning only the clean reusable flux to the hopper. Our industrial vacuums can collect a variety of materials. Click here to view a full list of the material types that we can move. Contact American Vacuum for more information on flux recycling systems and let us provide your welding company with the best vacuum recovery system for your business.

Our Complete Line of Sub Arc Flux Recovery Systems

  • Image of Model F-100 Flux Recovery Unit
    The Arco Wand, Model F-100, is designed for mounting directly on the Flux Hopper. It is light, compact, simple in operation and powerful enough to do an excellent recovery job. The Arco Wand F-100 series is designed for intermittent duty with recovery rates of up to 25 lbs (electric) & 40lbs (air operated)
  • The Arco Wand Middleweight Flux Recovery Units consist of both air and electric models and can either be fixed or portable units. The electric unit is designed for intermittent service with capacities reaching 45 pounds per minute. The air operated unit is designed for continuous operation. They are specifically for jobs where high recovery rates and long hose runs are not required.
  • Heavyweight Flux Units
    Arco Wand Heavyweight Flux Units are the unit for large flux recovery operations. Models start at 1 1/2 HP and run up to 7 1/2 HP, and are designed to run 24/7. The Heavyweight series come in serveral variations that are specifically designed to meet your recovery needs. Recovery rates up to 115 pounds per minute. The Heavyweight units can handle the largest of jobs. We offer both portable and fixed (stationary) units.
  • American Vacuum offers a complete line of flux recovery hose and tools to meet your application's need. Our heavy duty hose and tools are built to last, and are built to withstand the abrasive characteristics of flux.