Industrial Stationary Vacuums

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Our Stationary Vacuums range from 1 HP units through 30 HP Variants and are designed for continuous 24-Hour per-day operation. These stationary vacuum systems are built to meet your custom applications & needs. We offer all different types of stationary, continuous duty vacuums including regenerative blowers, PD pumps as well as centrifugal blowers. Our expertise and knowledge will help you select the correct system. Our industrial vacuums can collect a variety of materials. Click here to view a full list of the material types that we can move.

  • Arco 1000 Alt
    The Arco 1000 was specifically designed for fast, efficient as well as dependable performance in a compact size. The powerful yet quiet vacuum increases your productivity where intermittent duty vacuums fail.
  • Image of an Arco Wand Continuous Duty Vacuum
    These units incorporate a Positive Displacement vacuum producer to handle your heavy duty cleaning applications. Extremely high vacuum levels mean consistent suction power when picking up heavy material. Ideal for Metal chip recovery, Slurries, Blast media & Applications requiring long vertical lifts.
  • PB series continuous duty vacuum
    The Heart and Soul of our product line, our centrifugal exhauster line of vacuums. Castiron housing, Cast aluminum impellers provide you with a lifetime vacuum producer The ideal vacuum for a 2-4 operator central system. Incredibly quiet operation and rugged construction. Thousands of installations worldwide.
  • Our DV series is our largest platform designed unit Offering 20, 25 & 30HP Models. CFM ranges from 900 to 1200. Systems to support up to 14 operators at the same time. We equip these units with the same reliable cast iron style centrifugal vacuum producer. The ideal multiple operator central vacuum in a compact platform design
  • Image of Possitive Displacement Stationary Vacuum
    Our DV series is our largest platform designed unit offering 15, 20, 25 & 30HP models. CFM ranges from 360 to 700 CFM @ 9-12"HG sustained. System designed to move fine powders up to your heaviest materials. We equip these units with cast iron positive displacement vacuum pumps. The ideal units for moving a lot of material in a short period of time.